The general theme of #hackARENA is to re-think the « fan experience ».

This experience can be lived inside the stadium but also on the road or outside the arena.

To inspire you, here are some (non-exhaustive) questions you could answer.

Challenge 1 : Stadium 4.0, fan zone, "at home"

Before, during and after your "live" event: how to improve the "fan experience"?

Challenge 1

  • How would you meet the needs of fans by providing enriched entertainment by AR and VR, by mobile, etc.?
  • What added value can you imagine through AR and VR data and information for fans?
  • How would you enrich the fans’ course in a stadium, a fan zone or a sports bar or on the road with new experiences and information?
  • How can the emotions of fans in a stadium, a fan zone, a sports bar at home or others can be connected in a rewarding way, before, during and after a match?

Challenge 2 : Mobility and "Fan Experience"

In your car/public transport: where it all starts and ends, with what experiences or new applications?

Challenge 2

  • Discover new ways to make your car an integral part of your fan experience
  • How can we find new ways to interact with friends or fans acquaintances sitting in a car?
  • How can new mobility services improve the fan experience?
  • How can be transferred innovation in mobility such as autonomous driving and e-mobility to innovation by improving fan experiences?
  • How can subway / bus stations and the highway be part of the fan experience?

Challenge 3 : Fan activation 4.0

How to strengthen your links with your team, artist or favorite group?

Challenge 3

  • What are your ideas for transforming strangers into known fans by delivering innovative personalized digital fan experiences?
  • How would you use the content, digital channels and situations to make the fans experience timeless (before, during and after the event)?
  • How to connect fan communities, for example from the Euromillions Basket League?
  • How to connect and entertain fans in the community, for example by gamification?
  • What value-added services would you offer to community members in e-commerce andlogistics?

Challenge 4 : Fans and media

How to improve the "fan experience" away from a stadium or arena?

Challenge 4

  • How could a new sports journalism improve your fan experience?
  • How can we find new ways to interact remotely with friends?
  • How would you combine the development of the fan community and the digital benefits with real products?
  • How can we apply concepts such as blockchain to provide new values to fans?