A « hackathon » is an event where experts from different disciplines work together as a team on technical, commercial or new concepts in order to develop software and / or hardware solutions to build prototypes and generate new ideas.


Reinventing the « fan experience », offering new applications / experiences / content to live assistant fans at a sporting or entertainment event (in or outside a stadium). All of that, through innovative, interactive and interactive new content / service formats immersive and based on equally innovative, immersive and interactive technologies.

Whether you are a fan of e-sports, feature movies, sports teams, video games, scripted series, egaming, musical concerts, your mission is clear:

  • Rethinking the « fan experience » in a « live » context inside and / or outside the stadium, before-during-after the event;
  • Test and apply innovative, immersive and interactive technologies in a live context; Reinforce the emotional connection to your favorite sports team, your cult series, your favorite artist, etc. ;
  • Learn from each other and create new things together.


New technologies are developing rapidly and becoming more and more important – in a stadium and on the outside. Innovations change the behavior and requirements of fans, and can also add value in the field of « live sport / entertainment ».